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Enjoy the sun and take care of your skin in summer!

From 08/07 to 15/07
We have a longed-for vacation! It is the time of summer trips and relaxing in the sun. In order to enjoy the beautiful appearance of the skin, it is worth taking care of it properly!

On the following Saturdays, July 8th and 15th, in our Shopping Centre you will be able to take advantage of free consultations with a cosmetologist. At a special stand available from 10:00 to 19:00 in the passage of our Shopping Centre, you will be able to talk to a specialist and learn how to care for your skin in summer.

The cosmetologist will tell you how to safely use the sun and will show you which cosmetics are suitable for a given person. It will also be an opportunity to test different types of Yasumi beauty products.

We invite you to come!